Multi-angle exhibition
Technical specification
Finished motorcycle 125 / 150 Power system 125 150 Suspension system 125 / 150
Length 2014 (mm) Cylinder number 1 Frame system high-tensile steel
Width 750 (mm) Valve number 2 Tope rake 27.5°
Height 1063 (mm) Engine type OHV Front tire size 80/90 - 17
Seat Height 760 (mm) Cooling system air cooling Rear tire size 110/90 - 17
Wheel base 1296 (mm) Bore X Stroke 56.5 (mm) X 49.5 (mm) 62 (mm) X 49.6 (mm) Front brake system hydraulic disk
Net weight 115 (kg) Compression ratio 9.0:1 9.8:1 rear brake system drum brake
Ground clearance 170 (mm) Displacement 124.1 149.7 headlight DC halogen headlight 
Fuel tank capacity 13.4 (L) Oil supply form carburetor    
    Ignition system CDI    
    Transmission system chain    
    Maximum power 8.0 kW(8500r/min) 10.0 kW(9,000r/min)    
    Maximum torque 9.3 N.m(7500r/min) 11.5 N.m(7500r/min)    
More detailes
Large fuel tank design
Designers increase fuel tank capacity to 13.4L so that rider can enjoy a longer journey. Its shape reflects the styling and sense of power for a motorcycle.
Unique headlight design
The new headlight use LED decoration light as design which makes the appearance sport and fashionable. It will give you a wonderful vision experience no matter day or night;
Combine with the whole design, it has advantage of Harly Scooter’s streamline and racer’s fierceness;
No one single strew in the headlight makes the motorcycle technical.
The perfect combination of cushion and fuel tank
If you care much about the quality, then please test drive and listen carefully to the engine noise.
After you observe the seam between the components and the tidy winding displacement, you will be surprised.
Multistep LED tail light
Eliminating old way of design, innovative classic creative way of thinking and positioning the prince models, new position modeling of halogen lamps and the LED light, high brightness, long life; Full of modern science and technology feeling of before and after stepwise LED tail lamp, LED turn light, beautiful and practical at the same time to show you this is the design of the moment, the most representative era products.
CST tires
17 inch CST antiskid vacuum wide tires, allows you to cope with any complex road conditions.

Longer front and rear shock absorption
Double cut type shock absorption rebound faster, better comfort, improve vehicle driving performance.
Widening and thickening of the comfortable sitting cushion
Fully using the human body engineering, design your own unique comfortable sitting posture, with high Angle handle,
low vibration glue, front foot to brake pedal, imitation of human body conjoined before package and extended trip shock absorber;
All these designs can make you a great and unique journey from time to time.
First-rate power, relax in driving
CGS high performance camshaft engine
"125-K" carry CGS built-in balance shaft engine which make it strong and fuel-efficient. You can enjoy the comfort driving. Accelerate at any location, or midway overtaking, high speed and so on can give you the lead, the zero vibration, silent let you feel more comfortable, unexpected surprise will also give you the fun to drive.
(Fuel consumption is lower than other engines of the same displacement)
Low fuel consumption
We are using high Combustion technology in high compression ratio, burning more fully, durable, complete, compared to the same economic fuel consumption, reduce to as much as 20%.
Fast starting
Light matching clutch, quick and easy start, acceleration, speed changing so fast. Enjoy the driving pleasure is easy.
Low vibration
When the design through the analysis of the rotating inertia of moving parts and the direction, pertinence of improved design and optimize the related movement, and increases the built-in balance shaft, a good matching of the engine crankshaft dynamic balancing, effectively reduce the engine work produced by shock and vibration, engine running more smoothly so that you will have a more comfortable ride.
Strong climbing ability
Heavy duty, high-grade, easy pass through big and small slopes, climbing load ability is also strong.
DC ignition
The power for DC ignition is much stronger than alternating current ignition. It can greatly improve the starting performance of the engine in low temperature environment and decrease the starting time. Moreover, it also greatly decreases the electric energy loss for the battery. At the same time, DC ignition system has a function of protection for the electric appliance components because of its stable output voltage. It can extend the usage life of the components.
Built-in balance shaft
We put the balance on the balance shaft installation structure axis swing block called built-in balance of the medial to the crank shaft, and cast his balance shafts in the crank end is called external balance shaft (representative models for the NT series engine).

Built-in balance axis has advantage of compact structure, good effect of vibration reduction relative to the outer type, CGS engine used in the built-in balance shaft structure, at the same time in order to further reduce the impact on the box body, crankshaft CGS engine is equipped with 6207 roller bearings, bearing capacity, increase the bearing outside diameter and reduce vibration and improve the reliability.
Special crankcase, stable and reliable
Unique "eight" fonts crankshaft bearing holes and balance shaft bearing hole even cast iron base, is the key to achieve the balance shaft installation space, this kind of structure is designed to balance shaft and crank shaft center distance in the case of slashing, it can also ensure the strength and thermal stability of the pore block, reduce the master-slave balance shaft gear transmission noise.